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Welcome to Racine, Wisconsin, home to the most accommodating Great Lakes living community. Walk into another world in Racine, Wisconsin’s Belle City Square neighborhood,  former home of the iconic Horlick Malted Milk Factory. Belle City Square residents have direct access to boutiques, restaurants, and communal green spaces. With 16-acres to enjoy, Belle City Square has enough entertainment for everyone!

Where is Racine, Wisconsin?

Racine’s prime location between Milwaukee and Chicago provides four gorgeous seasons and access to attractions, activities, and much more. For centuries, people have referred to Racine as Belle (French for “beautiful”) City. The Belle City Square neighborhood rejuvenates the present by not repeating the past. The Racine community works to meet the needs of today’s citizens and businesses by providing a place for artists, business owners, and residents.

What Can You Tell Me About Racine, Wisconsin?

The region has plenty of places to explore and reliable resources to utilize. Get the inside scoop on all of Racine’s gems. If you love to see unique landmarks, taste various cuisines, visit local taverns, and enjoy the great outdoors, Racine offers it all! Citizens appreciate Racine’s healthy grocery stores, neighborly banks, safe schools, and excellent employers! Spend some time at the local museums to learn about the city’s rich history!

What Do I Need to Do Before I Relocate to Racine, Wisconsin?

Before you can take advantage of all the beautiful opportunities Racine, Wisconsin offers, you have to get your ducks in a row. The secret to success is giving yourself plenty of time to organize your apartment and properly pack before relocating. There are many things to remember when you move, so we created a moving checklist for you. Grab a cup of coffee, print off the PDF, and check off each task as you complete it.

Moving to a new city is exciting. Relocating lets you recreate yourself and your apartment. Use this opportunity to make your new spot your own. Give yourself plenty of time to figure out how you want your apartment to look and a furniture layout. Once you know what you want your apartment to look, head to these local furniture stores in Racine, Wisconsin.

What Movers Should I Hire?

There are many things to keep track of when you relocate. After you’ve read through the moving checklist above, you’ll know what you need to do. Once understand everything that must be done, you need to create a relocation budget. With a relocation budget made, you can reach out to moving companies. Don’t worry about finding trustworthy movers, we did all the heavy lifting so you have one less thing to think about. Take a peek at these reliable Racine, Wisconsin movers!

Is Racine, Wisconsin Pet Friendly?

Are you relocating to Racine, Wisconsin with a pet? Caring for your pet is a breeze with the ample pet stores, veterinarians, and dog parks! You can purchase confidently knowing you’re supporting locally-owned and operated pet stores, while resting assured if they don’t have what you need you can always visit the larger franchises. The veterinarians owning Racine’s independent practices are Racine natives or long-time residents, so your pet is sure to receive nothing short of loving, neighborly care.

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Live at Belle City Square

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Relocating to Racine

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Live at Belle City Square

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Introducing Belle City Square, the historic home of the Horlick Malted Milk Factory beautifully reimagined for today’s apartment dweller. Get in on Great Lakes living at its finest AND most affordable – right here in Racine.


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